Epoxy's Archive Format

There are two priorities: archives should be easy to create, and remain useful far into the future. A distant third goal is discoverability on this site.

An archive is a folder (or ZIP archive) with two files and two directories.

./ ├── README.txt ├── metadata.json ├── climbing-guide/ └── supplement/

The README.txt file

This is written for future climbing developers. There's a range of things that can be useful to touch on.

This is an archive of a rock climbing guide.

NOTE: page 6 of the guide is missing

The photos were found as images on a blog post[1] from 2007
(see supplement/screenshot.png).
The blog post was found in a comment[2] on MountainProject.

[1]: https://illusiondweller.blogspot.com/2007/02/professor-keith-brueckners-1987-mt.html
[2]: https://www.mountainproject.com/area/105791148/mount-woodson#Comment-121020484

The metadata.json file

This is used to build the index. You can build your own with this generator.

  "title": "Mt. Woodson Bouldering",
  "attribution": "Keith A. Brueckner",
  "published": "1987-10",
  "boundary": {
    "north": 33.01118263970351,
    "south": 33.00240130782529,
    "east": -116.95916175842285,
    "west": -116.97572708129881,

The climbing-guide/ directory

The supplement/ directory

Anything can go in here that isn't immediately useful, or original to the guide.